Our approach

At Monarch House, above all else, is the belief that being different can be a super-power. This informs how we approach creating unique support and services for your child.

We also believe in evidence-based treatment. Behaviour therapy is the gold-standard treatment to address a variety of behavioural and developmental concerns. It has been tried, tested and is backed by research.

We improve access to required services, coordinate treatment, and focus on results for individuals of all abilities, understanding and responding to their changing needs throughout their lives.

Our Board-Certified Behaviour Analysts®, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and mental health professionals work collaboratively to deliver evidence-based supports and services in our centres, your home or your child's school. We work collaboratively and/or individually with each individual and specifically tailor services to their needs.

We help families understand what they can do to improve their family life.

We offer services to help establish positive behaviour and help reduce/eliminate inappropriate behaviour.

We offer services to improve how people interact and express their needs and wants. using assistive devices.

We help with academics, reading & writing skills, as well as functional and vocational skills.

We help develop and improve dexterity, strength, mobility and hand-eye coordination.

We offer services to increase individuals' independence by teaching them the fundamental skills needed for daily living.

Our sessions

Had our daughter been diagnosed earlier, we could've started treatment earlier which would have been beneficial to her during her first years at school where she had no support because we didn’t know.


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