Turning differences into strengths

Embracing the unique qualities & abilities of those with Autism and developmental delays we provide easy access to immediate, effective services.

About us

We believe that being different is a strength within individuals and their families. We are a team of neurodiversity affirming experts. It’s our goal to accept, engage, and support those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other diagnoses, helping them to thrive in a world where they feel like they truly belong.

We have expanded our geographic network to include the full range of services for individuals with behaviour, communication, learning, motor, physical, speech, social and vocational needs.

Our approach

At Monarch House, above all else, is the belief that being different can be a super-power. This informs how we approach creating unique supports and services for your child.

We also believe in evidence-based treatment. Behaviour therapy is the gold-standard treatment to address various behavioural and developmental concerns. It has been tried, tested and is backed by research.


Worrying about your child is stressful and exhausting but knowing and understanding that something may be wrong is the first step. Monarch House is here to help - explaining what happens and why - and what you can expect along the way.

It doesn’t matter how much you know or what stage you’re at in understanding how to best support your child.

We’re here, and we will help you every step of the way.


Because we see the potential in everyone’s unique qualities, being different is celebrated. At Monarch House, all service is based on best practices and a family-centred approach; you are involved in every decision in your child’s unique service and support plan.

Our professional staff work collaboratively and/or individually with each family and specifically tailor services to their needs. Our services can be provided in our centres, at your home and school, in the community, and specialized housing settings.

No cost developmental screening

Autism diagnostic assessment

ESDM or Project Impact Parent Group

One-to-One Services

Group Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Because every person with a behavioural challenge is different, there are thousands of questions regarding every factor related to signs, diagnosis, treatment, funding etc.. We’ve highlighted the most frequently asked questions here.


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Every inquiry is completely confidential.

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